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  • Detector de temperatura adresabil water-proof
    Detector de temperatura adresabil water-proof Detector de temperatura adresabil water-proof

 Detector de temperatura, water-proof IP67, adresabil, certificare, Panasonic

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The analogue heat detector measures the temperature through a thermistor. The temperature range is 0C to 100C in steps of 0.5C. The detector has an LED that will light up when the detector goes into alarm. The detector also has an output for an external LED, e.g. 2218.

The address setting tool 3314 is used to set the detector's COM loop address. The detector has an address label inside, where the address is to be written. 3314 is also used to set the detector mode.

  • NORMAL mode (analog): Used in the systems EBL128, EBL512 (SW version >2.0) and EBL512 G3. The detector works as a temperature sensor where the analog readings (0C to 100C) are converted to digital "sensor values" that are read and evaluated by the c.i.e. Algorithms for class A1, A2 S or B S (is set via Win128, Win512 and WinG3). When the class A1 or A2 S algorithm is used, 3309 is a spare part for detector 2340 and when the class B S algorithm is used, 3309 is a spare part for 2341.
  • 2330 mode (conventional): Used in the systems EBL512 / 1000 / 2000 as an equivalent to the enclosed addressable fixed temperature heat detector 2340 (60C), i.e. as a class A2 S heat detector (static response temperature 57C).


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Detector de temperatura adresabil water-proof

  • 327,66RON

  • Fără TVA: 275,34RON


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Detector de temperatura adresabil water-proof


327,66RON Fără TVA: 275,34RON