Security Service & Communications SRL
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Cont: RO91BTRL06401202E14766XX
Banca: Transilvania
Reg. Com.: J40/5676/2001
C.U.I.: RO13951440
Sediu: Str Mihail Cioranu nr 4, Bucuresti, Sector 5
Tel/Fax: 0314272185
Program de Lucru:
  • Centrala 3 linii externe 8 linii iInterior Panasonic
3 Linii Exterioare
8 Linii Interioare
3 Linii Exterioare
8 Linii Interioare

Sistem telefonic avansat hibrid

Numar standard de trunchiuri:


Numar maxim de extensii:


Numar standard de extensii:


Numar maxim de trunchiuri:


Facilitati disponibile:

Automatic Fax Transfer
Unattended (3-Party)
Handsfree Answerback
Power Failure Transfer
Timed Reminder
Call Pickup
Emergency Call
Operator Call
Station Feature Clear
UCD (Uniform Call Distribution) with message
Built-in Voice Message (BV)*1
Direct in Line (DIL)
Intercept Routing
Programming (via PT / PC)
Absent Message Capability
Call Splitting
Executive Busy Override Deny
Paging - All Extension - Group - External
Station Lock
Walking COS (Class of Service)
Call Barring
Distinctive Dial Tone
Limited Call Duration (1~32 minutes)
Redial - Automatic - Last Number - Saved Number - Logged Caller ID*1
Alternate Calling - Ring / Voice
Call Waiting
Extension Password / System Password
Parallel Telephone Connection
SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording)
Caller ID Display on SLT and APT*1 *3
Door Opener*1
Message Waiting
Room Monitor (APT / Doorphone)
Automatic Configuration for Outside (CO) Line Type
Flexible Extension Numbering
Polarity Reverse Detection*2
Timed Reminder
Call Park
DSS Console
One-Touch Dialling
Speed Dialling - System - Personal
Battery Backup Interface (Built - in)
Data Line Security
Preferred Line Assignment - Incoming - Outgoing
Call Routing for Fixed Line SMS
Executive Busy Override (Extension / CO Line)
Outgoing Message (OGM)
Station Hunting
Voice Mail Integration (APT / DTMF)
Busy Station Signalling (BSS)
DISA (Direct Inward System Access) with message (3-level, 1ch, 180sec)
Intercom Calling
Pulse to Tone Conversion
Account Code Entry (Option / Forced / Verified)
Call Transfer - To Extension - To Outside (CO) Line
Extension Group
Paging Deny
Station Lock, Remote
Call Forwarding - All - Busy / No Answer - Follow Me - To Outside
DND (Do Not Disturb), DND Override
Log-In / Log-Out
Ringing Pattern Selection
Automatic Callback Busy (Camp-on)
Conference (3-Party / 5-Party)
External Feature Access
Pickup Dialling (Hot Line)
Time (Day / Night / Lunch) Service - Automatic - Manual
Calling Party Control (CPC) Signal Detection*2
Doorphone Call*1
Music on Hold / Background Music (BGM)
Secret Dialling

Optiuni generale:

Voice Mail
Soft programare
Interfata USB si Seriala RS232
Caller ID

Module de extensie:

DISA – 2 canale, 360 sec., cartela detectie caller ID; cartela 60 minute mesagerie vocala

Sloturi extensie:


Alimentare (V/Hz):


Centrale Telefonice
Linii exterioare 3 Linii Exterioare
Linii Interioare 8 Linii Interioare
Linii exterioare (max) 3 Linii Exterioare
Linii Interioare (max) 8 Linii Interioare

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Centrala 3 linii externe 8 linii iInterior Panasonic

  • 1.023,40RON

  • Fără TVA: 860,00RON


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Centrala 3 linii externe 8 linii iInterior Panasonic

Sistem telefonic a..

1.023,40RON Fără TVA: 860,00RON

3 Linii Exterioare
8 Linii Interioare
3 Linii Exterioare
8 Linii Interioare